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Our Community

Our Community

People and Community are our Highest Priority

The long-term success of a modern mining industry is dependent upon establishing durable and rewarding relationships with a broad range of stakeholders in and around the areas where we invest and work. For Bunker Hill this will translate into meaningful engagement to understand the priorities, concerns and needs of the local community, including people of color and indigenous heritage. We will integrate them into our planning and evaluation processes in all areas that impact them. We will also seek to develop significant and sustainable opportunities for the local community to participate in and benefit so that quality or life, economic well-being and human health are all improved steadily over time.

The Silver Valley boasts one of the most impressive traditions of producing a highly productive, dedicated and reliable mining workforce the world over. At present however, Kellogg, Idaho and Shohsone County are economically challenged commercial environments. Bunker Hill will be part of a long-term solution.

Change is Local

This will start with a focus on local employment, local procurement and workforce training. Currently over 90% of our workforce resides in the Silver Valley. Training initiatives will begin in 2021. Outreach to tribal communities and other people of color will be a major focus in this effort. This will ensure an equitable distribution of the benefits from our mining activities and it will also deepen and broaden an understanding of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

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